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CMS collection grid gap in a published site


in the designer and the preivew the gap in the grid is not showig once it’s published it’s there.

What “gap”? Images look identical.

Please post a read-only file. It’s nearly impossible to help sans that!

I uploaded the same image twice by mistake. If you compare image and what you see in the Designer then you will see that the images should be touching each other.

Sorry about that. here is the link

If you look at the preivedw in the Designer and then and the screenshot from published page you will see the gap.

Preview mode

Design mode

Where do you see a ‘gap’?

Pleease have a look on published page

Since I can’t make changes then publish, I have to just speculate.

Have you tried changing the Distribute Justification to other then Left Aligned then publish each time?

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 3.03.21 PM

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hi @Mateusz_Gidaszewski1 here is how to fix your issue

Hope that will solve your issue.


Hey, thank you very much indeed! Worked like a charm. Much appretiated. Have a great day!

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hi @Mateusz_Gidaszewski1 if issue doesn’t persist please close your request as solved.

Thank you

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