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I’ve been studying Webflow for a month now so I can create a website for the company I’m working for. I am more than delighted with the amount of help and information I receive from all sides, most of all on this forum.
As far as design is concerned, a lot of topics have been elaborated to the point, but I have a small problem I can not find a solution to, considering CMS. My company has 8 products (applications), each with 3 payment options. Are there any suggestions on how to arrange the collections so that I finally have a collection page where I can choose those 3 pricing plans that suit me for each of 8 products?

I need to make 8 pages with applications, 3 pricing plans each. I was thinking of making a collection named Pricing Plans with 24 pricing options, I already got one named Applications. Is this a way to go?

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I think you’re going in the right direction.
But if you have a share link i could get a better look at what your trying to do.

But what your saying is you have 8 product but you have 24 pricing options,
You could make a cms with 24 pricing options and place a multireference in your product cms page.

You could also add a select list to your cms with the 24 options and use that choise to change to pricing option on the cms page.

Gr Argo

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Thank you @argogiant for your advice. You really helped me a lot. :sunny: