CMS Collection filter and conditional visibility bug

Hi there,

I am making an online shop (not through webflow ecommerce) and I want to show the variants of a product the customer can find on Amazon.
The way i have set this up is as follows:

The variants shown in the diagram are all part of the same CMS Collection, but they are filtered by different ‘Family IDs’ to only show the relevant variants for that product.
When the customer selects a product it is highlighted in orange in the variants panel.

The problem:
When I filter the variants to only show the items that have the same ‘Family ID’ as 1/8" 3mm Birch Plywood, the conditionally visible elements that highlight the variant selected dont seem to show.

Please see this video for further detail:

Many thanks for your help,

This problem does not happen on the published site ( or, only on the preview mode this problem occurs.

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