CMS collection doesn't show up on the website

Hey community,

I’m a UI designer and got a Webflow template a few months ago to build my portfolio website.
There is a big trouble I’m having with CMS collections.

I have a CMS collection with my projects, the parent folder of which I set to be the “Work” page on the website. However, it doesn’t show up on my website when I publish it, no matter what I do. The page “Work” doesn’t show the same projects, as I set in my CMS project collection. Furthermore, when I click on a specific project, it asks me to login to Webflow. I also tired setting up links for each individual project, doesn’t work either.
Probably, there’s something I am missing.

If someone could help me, I’d be grateful, cause it’s becoming pretty annoying :exploding_head:

Thanks a bunch :smiling_face:

Hi Tamara,

If you’re looking for help you’ll need to share your readonly designer link from the page you’re having problems on, and details of exactly where to look and what you’re expecting to see.