CMS collection default side margins

For the love of God, I can‘t remove the default side margins of -10 that a CMS collection has, even though I put 0 in the right sidebar. When I inspect the element, it‘s still in the code.

Anyone knows what am I missing? Read only link

Here are also screenshots to better illustrate the problem.

hi @Zlate it is because you are using WF predefined elements. When you move collection out of WF predefined container element the margin will be 0. It is always better to avoid WF predefined elements as there is no documentation what is inherited and how they work together. This can be in most cases confusing. I will recommend using standard div elements and set their typology (tag) in div setting as it gives you a full control over your design with no surprises .


Huh, that actually fixed the problem. Thanks a lot, @Stan!

And I thought I should follow the rules and use as much of the standard Webflow elements and not bend the rules too much. Turns out, it‘s better to just go with plain ol‘ DIVs.