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CMS Collection Data Structure

Hi Guys

I’m hooking a property search and property listings page to my project & i think i’m failing a little with data structure. I wondered if anybody could help point me in the right direction. Where I can I have a single reference and multiple multi references, I don’t know where else I can trim down the number of fields. Where i’m struggling is with floors (ie Ground, first, second etc) it’s in London so it can be any number of floors and the floor areas. I would like this to filterable by size on the listings page so would I need to use the number field for this? Also the styling of the tube times, it has header then distance and walking time, Ideally I don’t want to use a field for each as thats three fields x4 which ends up being 12… just for tube times. im 80% there, if somebody could help I would be much appreciated.