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CMS collection change at click of a button

Is there a way that I can press a button and have the CMS collection change from one to another.

On the page there are two buttons. and two CMS collections called body parts and internal organs. I want to be able to press one, then body parts CMS collection appears, press another and it replaces it to internal organs. then be able to switch back and forth if the user wants to.
If that is doable then repeat that with 10 buttons to 10 CMS collections.

What I am trying to avoid is making a CMS collection with in an element for each button. If that is avoided it will reduce the amount of code is on the page.

Open to other suggestions.

link to the page

Hi Tom,

You can do this with the Tabs element.

Put your body parts collection in tab one, then internal organs collection in tab 2

Hope this helps.


thank you I will give this a try.

don’t suppose you know away of closing the tabs so that i can open them from the same tab button.

at the moment i can with an interaction to close the body of the tab, however when i go to press the tab again it wont open the body