CMS Collection Causing Orphaned Pages

Hi There!
I have a CMS collection for my FAQ Page for 5 basic Q and A’s. Ahrefs is flagging each of these slugs as orphaned pages in the audit, and I cannot find out why.

I have plenty of other CMS collections with slugs that are never flagged as orphaned pages. Does anyone know what might be happening?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - PrintWorks-Website

Orphan pages means those pages which cannot be access with the link from your site. I mean any of your pages doesn’t have links to those pages, you can access it using a direct link only. Like you’ve Frequently Asked Questions | Printworks

As you may know, when creating CMS items Webflow creates pages for each items. So you are using it’s content to just display in another page, but those CMS item pages are not accessible through any of your pages.

And about the SEO, you already have FAQ page so you don’t need to worry about these pages to be index because your content will be on the FAQ page.

I would not recommend to use CMS collection just for this, but it you prefer and you don’t want to see that flag, then add those pages somewhere on the website. If not create a sitemap page and add all the site links on that page. And don’t forget to add sitemap page link somewhere like in the Footer section.