CMS Collection Blog Image Link

Dear webflowers,

I am adding image to my blog that is in CMS Collection. When I add an hyperlink to that image, it opens in the new tab. How I can add a link to the image in CMS Collection that opens in the same browser tab window? Is that possible?

Thank you for your time and help.
BR, Peter

On the link element look at settings, there is a checkbox “open in new tab” Uncheck that and republish your site, you should be good.

I we talking about same thing?
In the CMS post I am adding image to the text. Or I just don’t see those options?

Here is the screenshots of that:

Ah, is the image inside of a rich text element?
That’s different. I can’t tell from your screenshots, but I’d guess that’s what you’re probably doing.

If you’re linking the image from there, and there’s no “open in new tab” option, then it’s likely hardcoded to target=_blank


  1. Don’t link the image, put the link in the caption instead where it’s a normal link with normal options.
  2. Re-target the link using custom code.

Thank you.
Yes. It is there.
Thank you for the tips.