CMS check list that shows inactive and active items dynamically

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a dynamic CMS list that shows inactive items as grayed out, while showing active items being full opacity and a checkmark in the box next to it (see attached). Can anyone help me figure this out natively or point me to code that handles this? TIA!

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Just noticed that the unchecked list items aren’t grayed out like intended. They should be grayed out and have no check mark in the box.

Hi Brent, where are you having problems?
If these are CMS items, you can just add a switch field called Active? and set it to yes for your active items.

Then in your collection list, you have two versions of the item design- an active-styled one and and inactive-styled one.

Use conditional visibility with that Active? switch field to choose which of those styles is shown.

Hi Michael, Thanks for your response! This is the first time I’ve set up a CMS so I may not be doing it the best way. Here’s a link to the read-only copy of the site for reference

Here’s the way I currently have it set up (Strategy Services as a collection, pulled into the Work/Portfolio collection as a multi-reference field). The problem with this is that I can only select the active Strategy Service to include, but can’t make it active/inactive. Do you have any recommendations on a different way to structure the fields to make that possible without having a huge list of services listed in the Works collection?

Ah yes, to build what you’re trying to build, you will need all 3 of your lists plus all 3 of your multiref lists, and some custom code to wire them together.

It’s a cool feature design, and it’s not especially complex, however It’s not something you can do in Webflow by itself.

I build features like this if you need professional help, you can DM me.

Hi Brent, I’ve just done another walkthrough to make sure I have all of the details, and recorded my notes as a video.

The work should be at about $300 possibly a bit less. I’ve included my Micro-consulting page as well, below the video.

Hi Michael, Sorry I just saw this! I figured it out yesterday, but might be interested in your consulting services moving forward. I’ll let you know in a few days or so. Thanks!