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Hi, I am currently building a submenu. The middle four navigation points come from the CMS, including the background color. Can I also give these four navigation points an individual color with Mousehover? And how? I’m a little confused right now :slight_smile: Thanks Toby


Select the element with the background color and set it to the hover state in the top right menu:

2020-12-20 21_39_59-Webflow - MMN Test

Then fetch the background color from the CMS from the settings page (you need to have another field with the hover color):


you mean I put two color fields in my CMS fields for the categories?

I did that, but if I select the second color when hovering, this is also used for the normal state.

See for yourself:

Weird, I’m sure that used to work before. Anyways, you can nest another DIV inside the one with the background color, then set the hover state to whatever color you want. It’ll be the same for all though.

2020-12-21 19_17_59-Webflow - MMN Test