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CMS Categories and Filtering


hoping someone can clarify something for me. I’ve got a CMS list of services, there are two multi-reference fields of “coverage” and “categories”.

I think service users will navigate by using the categories, which will bring up the list of services filtered by selected category, but it seems I can only display 5 coverage items in the CMS list? Is that right?

Is there a way of having a second level of filtering? I’ve been using the search function and it appears that mixitup may do what I’m after… thoughts?

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You should check out the CMS Library from Finsweet: the advanced filter option works perfectly!

Funny you should mention it @Jessy-Smith - I’ve been struggling my way through this one today… unfortunately I’m a complete novice. I can’t even get their cloned site to work!

I’ll keep plugging away… :slight_smile: