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CMS Categories and Digital Products Help

So I am working on an internal project for our sister company. They specialize in residential design. They wanted to start selling plans, so that’s what I am currently working on.

A few questions with some limitations I am having and possible workarounds if there are any:

First, can you get really specific with categories? For example, if I am looking for a home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that is around 1900 square feet. Can I get that specific? I haven’t found a way currently. I can only do one query at a time, meaning I would have to limit to just square footage or price, etc.

Second, I understand that I can’t currently do digital products with webflow e-commerce. Is there a workaround or should I integrate with another service? For example, I saw pop up a few times with some people.

Just some clarification or help on these limitations or issues would be great. We don’t want to move from webflow. We love it for client work and love the ease and speed for this in-house project.

Thanks in advance.