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CMS button shows no menu/content (second time)

Hi There,

Since today i can access the CMS button in the designer, only once.
If i click the button, the CMS-collections appear and i can edit.
After doing a edit in a collection, i close the menu.

If i want to open the CMS-menu again by clicking on the CMS icon in the designer, i can see and outline of an active menu item, but the menu does not show.

I’m on Win10 Latest version and Chrome Latest version (71.0.3578.80)

Only solution is completly reloading the page, so i can edit a CMS item once, then save, then reload the browser/page again if i want edit another.

This is what i see after editing a collection item, closing it, and then trying to open again:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have been dealing with the same issue. In addition, whenever updating an entry in the CMS, it hangs while saving. Again forcing me to reload the screen. This has been happening for the better part of 3 days now.

Yes i might also have had these problems for more than 1 day. I saw an update about the menu position/lining in the design has been ‘fixed’ - perhaps this has to do with the disappearing CMS?

Hi there @icexuick @Aaron_Guzman

I did some testing on this end but am unable to reproduce the behavior. Can you please share your Read-Only link?

We’ve had one other report of a similar issue but it has since been resolved. Can you please try logging out, then logging back into Webflow to see if the latest version has this resolved?

Thanks in advance.

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After logging out and back in again with 2FA i found that this has solved the issue.

Small question: Is this ‘standard procedure’? It’s not that user-friendly to have to manually sign out and back in again - especially if we don’t exactly know when updates/fixes have been applied.

But for now, if something doesn’t work (which it rarely does) i will try this first!

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Hi @icexuick

Thanks for the update — happy to hear that helped.

Logging out and back in is a sure fire way to ensure you have the very latest build. I agree it’s not the best experience, though.

Our team is currently discussing ways we can improve communication around updates though, and as we make progress you should see better UX rolled out within the next year.

I definitely appreciate your candid feedback and patience while we work to improve this area :bowing_man:

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