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Hello Team,

We have a account in Webflow as
We are using CMS Blog in Blog Posts but we are facing issue that our code part of blog is not shown in differ form & getting blended with text of Blog

Here is Blog which we want to Replicate - Qlik Sense Script Inline Tables - did you know ...

Here is CMS Blog which we need to modify - Qlik Sense Script Inline Tables - did you know ... - databridge

Kindly feel free to share solution & any supportive blog

The process is very difficult to embed in Excel file for CMS

Kindly provide any solution .

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Anumayank,

It looks like you’re copy-pasting your content over into a CMS rich text field.
My preferred approach is to create the code pieces as Gists, which is a free service provided by Github.

These are super easy to drop in as an HTML embed and handle all of the code formatting for you.

If you want to style them, SA5 has a feature to theme Gists.

Hi Michael,

Does it also supported in CMS as our content is coming from CMS


Yes, that’s the whole point of the solution.