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CMS Beta ETA? Days or weeks away?

Just curious if it’s days or weeks away. Would like to pitch it to clients if it’s coming real soon.

I’d guess weeks, but I’d think we should remember it’s a beta. Might not be ready for client work for a few months.

I’m excited about the possibilities this will open up but I’d be cautious about pitching ANY beta product to clients. It’s a good way to set the client and you up for disappointment. Just my two cents.

I think it’s going to awesome though!

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I often give the advice of never ever ever do this. What if they’re sold to it and because of a long beta stage your business with them gets on pause? Or worse… I’ve regretted saying too much too soon, several times.


@vincent yea that is the worst place to be in. Leaves you there panicking like:

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I’d have to agree with @vincent on this one, way back I started talking to clients about some potential work when beta tools were released and in the end it never came into fruition. Ended up being a little sou with the client and I had to work my butt off as a work around.

I’m guessing its going to be weeks for the beta release but its going to be months before we see a client worthy release. Beta needs a good amount of time to mass test the product and really help iron out the bugs. It all sounds golden though so I reckon we won’t be waiting too long.

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