Cms api horizontal ruler issue

I’m creating collection items with the Webflow cms API.
The horizontal ruler is gone when I send an HTML containing a horizontal ruler and a picture.
If I delete the picture, the horizontal ruler displays it appropriately.

Here is the sample HTML

<p>Sample text</p>
<p><hr class='ql-hr'></p>
<p>Sample text</p><p></p>
<div class='quill-upload-image' data-align='center' contenteditable='false' style='max-width:100%;height:auto;margin:auto;'>
 <figure style='max-width:80%;'>
  <img class='lazyload' loading='lazy' src='' alt='Image' style='width:100%;height:auto;margin:auto;' >
  <figcaption style='font-size:16px;color:#757575;text-align:center;'>Image caption</figcaption>

@Vinod_Kumar_D - Try inspecting the rendered code on a published URL. If you included one that is what I would do.

The horizontal ruler is missing.
And styles also gone.

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