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CMS API Get Items return update: [Function: update], in response

Hi All,

I’m using the CMS API to pull content from my Webflow CMS Collection to display in my Next JS Application following Webflow CMS API Reference guide to get items from my collection.

In the response, I’m getting additional items, update: [Function: update] and remove: [Function: bound updateItem] .

I’ve not create this 2 items (or function by looking at the response), and I got this error in my NextJS application:
Error serializing .content[0].update returned from getStaticProps in “/CMS”. )
while trying to display items from my collection.

This is not describe in the CMS API Reference documentation page ( Webflow CMS API Reference).

I would like to understand why this 2 functions is return as response when I’m trying to get items from my collection via the CMS API?

Below is a sample of my collection item’s response:

  items: [
      _archived: false,
      _draft: false,
      name: '10 Great Examples of Responsive Websites',
      slug: '10-great-examples-of-responsive-websites',
      image: [Object],
      'updated-on': '2021-12-18T07:30:47.805Z',
      'updated-by': 'Person_54aa28ccc22ec18858ea50a8',
      'created-on': '2021-12-18T07:30:47.805Z',
      'created-by': 'Person_54aa28ccc22ec18858ea50a8',
      'published-on': null,
      'published-by': null,
      _cid: '61bd8e16f45673febec8a274',
      _id: '61bd8e27792194d9e97de9a0',
      update: [Function: update],
      remove: [Function: bound updateItem]
  count: 1,
  limit: 1,
  offset: 0,
  total: 10,
  _meta: { rateLimit: { limit: 60, remaining: 59 } }

Thank you.