CMS API Documentation Designed in Webflow?

Is the site made in Webflow?
I’d love to have a sidebar menu like that…

it wasn’t designed in Webflow. It was started from this:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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We wanted to build the API docs in Webflow but unfortunately we don’t have support for pre-formatted text yet so it would have been really hacky.

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Thanks guys,
any idea of how to achieve the sidebar menu that follows scroll, while allowing the menu links to jump to specific Rich Text headers?
Thanks for the big update, looks great – especially happy for the CMS API.
Though RIGHT NOW, something is seriously broken, probably with the CDN? I have pushed hard to move our entire production site (One of Europe’s biggest digital care givers) to Webflow and now I kinda look like a complete fool… :pensive:
Not to mention customers falling out…

OK, found the error and was able to work around it. Downgraded to normal CMS Hosting again.
Please make sure that we’re not billed anything for this, and notify us when the product is ready to be used…

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