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CMS API Cross reference


I have a project where a collection called “incidents” is being populated by the API.

I have another collection called “log” which has changes to the “incident” it is also updated by API. The log carries changes as they occur to each incident.

There are multiple incidents and multiple log entries per incident. I need to add to the collection template for incidents all the “log” entries specific to the “incident”. A filter.

I have created a reference to the incident in the log, but there appears to be no way to update this via the API - you can read it but the reference is a longstring presumably to the entry in the db. I need to match that via the API or sort in some other way without it being a manual process.

Anyone any ideas?


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@Polarismd my typical approach is to use “lookup tables” for something like this. I would store the association (Webflow CMS Item ID) to each record.

Not sure if that helps for your specific use-case, but if you think it may, I have a tutorial that goes a bit more in-depth on the topic: