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Just a general question. I’m building a website for a client and plan to export it to another platform. If I add CMS and user logins how does that translate to other platforms?

Does it basically break it? Does it transfer over well when copy pasting?
I’m new to this platform and I’m unsure how to go about incorporating things will work in the end when exporting.

Thank you
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Hi Lulu, exporting will only get you the HTML, CSS, and Webflow.js only.
The CMS, form handlers, memberships, logic, ecommerce, etc don’t work with exported sites.

In fact, anything you put in a collection list or on a collection page simply will not export, as though it never existed, so you can’t even get a static version of that content in the export.

Here are some of my notes on this;

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It will not transfer, it will break.

What’s interesting about the Webflow CMS is you can access it via the API so in theory you could still use it if you like. But I wouldn’t recommend that.

The typical approach is to design in Webflow and then integrate with your own (or other) services after you export, or to integrate other services into Webflow that will export.

A great example is Memberstack for user logins:

You can use this service on a hosted Webflow site, or on an exported Webflow site.

The same goes for CMS’s used with Webflow like Google Sheets (tutorial), or Airtable (tutorial), and connecting them all via Webhooks (tutorial).

Dig around a bit into the solutions I’ve mentioned and you’ll remove many (if not all) of those limitations.

Good luck!

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the detailed info!