Cloudflare, Webflow and "Invalid SSL certificate error 526"

My site was working fine up to a few days ago. I’m using Cloudflare’s proxy DNS as per Webflow instructions (2 A records and a www CNAME record) to redirect to a webflow site which doesn’t have any SSL certificates set up, as it seemed fine to use Cloudflare this way.

I’m not exactly sure when but in the last week, this stopped working for no reason I can find with the error above. I checked the domain registrar which is still set to Cloudflare name servers. Definitely no one has changed the Cloudflare setup as I’m the only one who has access. A web agency does have access to the webflow account but they say nothing has changed and I can’t see anything different to what it previously was, in this area anyway, other than, I do see this message in the webflow publishing tab:

“You’ll need to remove the AAAA record from your DNS settings to ensure your site loads properly”

As per comments elsewhere on this forum, Cloudflare does create this without being asked (I didn’t specify an AAAA record) but this is not something that has changed AFAIK. And would this cause the 526 error ? I doubt it.

Any ideas? I am a bit bemused.

Here is my site :

I should mention that the 3 month certificate created by Cloudflare expires 23rd August 2023 and the site shows the certificate as valid (and the root and intermediate certificates are also valid and long dated).

Cracked it. Followed advice on another post to turn off Cloudflare proxying so that the AAAA IPv6 record is not served by cloudflare. Seems Webflow sends back a “we don’t support IPv6” response to Cloudflare every few weeks which causes Cloudflare to disable the site. That’s a bit s**t IMO.

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Hi @RichLiv64 , do you have an update on this topic? I want to activate the proxy on Cloudflare, but I am having this error occasionally.