Cloudflare incorrectly categorized my site as Adult Content

Hey all,

I have a brand new site, hosted with Webflow, that I just handed over to a client (this is my first Webflow site). He sent it out to his colleagues but 25% of them were unable to open the site on their network because it had been blocked for “adult content” which the site is not, it’s a site for a business retreat. I was able to determine that Cloudflare categorized my site as “spam” so I’ve put in a request to recategorize it. I’ve also gone through with a fine tooth comb to make sure there are no keywords that could’ve caused this to happen, I’ve verified the site with Google and it have since had it recrawled.

Has anyone run into this before and have any insight how else to remedy? I am running out of ideas while I anxiously wait for Cloudflare to get back to me which I’m assuming will take days. I’m also unsure what could’ve caused this other than it is a brand new site. I’m reaching out to GoDaddy as well to see if they can help at all.

My site is

DNS/Networking stuff is not my forte so I appreciate any help or insights. TIA!