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[CLOSED]Looking for freelancer to help connect Webflow with Mongo db

Hello! I have a Webflow site which will hold a lot of content items for which all Webflow plans are too small. I therefore wish to connect my Webflow site with Mongo db but I know zero code myself, looking to connect with a freelancer who could help :slight_smile:

For a quick background, the very basic functionalities of my site are:

  • Search for products
  • Read information about products
  • See what the average score from other users is for the product
  • Create an account
  • Update your account with information about age, gender and more details
  • Save products to your own digital shelf or wishlist
  • Review products that you’ve tried
    …from this users will then be given product recommendations based on their profile information and preferences.

Anyone have experience connecting Webflow and Mongo db? Looking forward to connect!


I would be Glad to assist you.
You can contact me through Email:
or skype me- live:lauren_8606 so that we can discuss this in detail.


Hi @Johanna_Gustafsson,

PM sent.


Hey - @Johanna_Gustafsson. I see you’re looking to implement average scores for products into your Webflow site. We make a widget native for Webflow that might be helpful for you to display and collect these reviews.

If they’re currently in another system we can also help you import into your new site so you can carry all existing reviews with you.

Check us out at

Or, feel free to reach out any time ( and we can help you get set up!