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[closed] freelancer for startup

We’re a small startup looking for a long-term webdesigner. We’re growing steadily and now it makes sense for us to have somebody that owns the design of our website.

You’ll be supported by an off-shore AngularJS & Firebase developer, but you need to manage our website & do the required design. F.e when sales says: Our tagline should be different, you update it (boring). But on the other hand when we say: We need a new landing page for a new target audience you’re free to do whatever if it serves the goal. I’m really looking for somebody who is willing to take ownership on our website.

In addition we also do our in-game UI through HTML5 & CSS, so you’ll even be designing in-game UI if you feel like it.

If you’re interested, contact me at cederik[at]

You can see our website live on



I’m very interested.
I’ve sent you an email regarding this position and opportunity (from


I really like your openness to having a designer come in and be creative. I love projects like that. I will be emailing you shortly!