(Closed) Collection images don't show

Hi there,
I have problem with Designer, that seems inexplicable.

My Collection items have a few images, where I added two new fields (images) today. I’m trying to use them on the item’s detail page, but they just won’t show.

I thought it was probably only in the designer, but they don’t show after publishing either.

Have a look at this 2 min video please.
Here’s the share link. It’s about the Collection “Projekte” and the item is called “inode-project.eu”

Any ideas?

kind regards

I think after you uploaded those images, you have not published that particular CMS item, as I can see Staged Changes is appearing there, for inode-project.eu

Thanks, but that doesn’t matter within the designer. You can always design with staged content.

I found the solution, but I won’t say it. Too ashamed.