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Close button for nav menu

Hey there,

While fidgeting with the navigation menu close button, the default behavior (provided by the template) no longer works. How do I now close the nav menu?

To replicate: click 3 bar icon in top-right corner to pull out menu. Click X to close (not working).

I did use the following code, as suggested in another forum entry, though still not working:

$('.close-menu').click(function(e) {


Hi @ConsciousApps, when the menu is in the open state, I would suggest to select the Menu Button and set it’s z-index to 3000 and set it’s opacity to 0%.

The Menu Button that closes the menu currently has a z-index of 1, so it is below the other content, and cannot be clicked. Setting the opacity to 0% will make the three bars hidden and reveal only the custom animation.

I hope this helps, let me know if any questions.

That did the trick, @cyberdave! Thanks :smile:

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