Close and open Checkout according to time?

Hello guys,

I’m french, sorry if my english isn’t perfect. My client is a pizzeria and i try to sell them the e-commerce webflow solution. I have two bigs issues with that :

1 - I need to close and open the checkout according to time, of course, the restaurant is open only after 6pm. We don’t want to receive order before that time or after midnight for exemple. Is it possible ? Tell me yes please…
2 - I already saw on the forum that is not possible but anyway i ask it myself here. Is it possible to confirm checkout without payment from customer ? I would like to set two choices “credit card” or “ready cash”

Thanks a lot for your help, love u already (or maybe not, it depends of your answer)

Hi @Matthew.
The needs you’ve described are possible with Foxy + Webflow. More information about our seamless integration can be found here:

Feel free to message or email us and we’ll be happy to help you get started:


Hello @foxy and thx for your answer !

I took a look and it seems that i need some good development knowledge to answer my issues.
I mean, i didn’t find anything in settings of “foxycart” about closing and opening store according to time, am i wrong ?

I have another question, with foxy solution, do i still need ecommerce hosting on webflow ? Or CMS hosting is enough ?

Thank you,

Hey @Matthew.
Our team would need to help you with the on/off feature since it’s not a standard feature, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Foxy allows you to customize things exactly how you want with html, css, and js. So just about anything is possible.

Foxy will completely replace Webflow Ecommerce and works with any hosting plans. CMS hosting will work perfect if you need to manage multiple products, though, it’s not required.


Ok Josh, thx for answers ! I’ll ask my next question to


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