Cloning two pages to one page


I have clond the “Arete - Photography Website” and “Light & Dark Elements” in Webflow.

The plan is to use the Light & Dark Elements as a landing page, and use Arete - Photography Website as a Photo page.

However, I can’t get the two pages to wok together.

The landing page works, but the Photo page does not. I’m not able to klick any buttons on the page. It’s suppose to scroll down, or to the side when you klick a button but it’s not happening.

I have copy/paste everything that’s under the “overflow hidden” on the photo page, to the “dark wrapper” on the landing page.

Do any of you know what the problem can be?

Link to the page is:

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You likely missed something from the original site. Try cloning the original again and wrapping everything in a div and then copying that so that everything gets transferred.