Cloning and or Finding ANYTHING else In the University Site

I haven’t been using Webflow long and I’m irritated more often than not. Not by the software as much as poor info available to resolve problems. I.E. Try searching how to clone either on the University part of the site or on Google for that matter and there is zip. This is something that was recently made available. Crap even the pop up window showing the search results in the University site is sooooo poorly pixilated its impossible to read. I’m about ready to throw in the towel to find software thats well supported by documentation. Anyway enough ranting and I don’t have hours to figure it out like everything else beyond the “basic” video I find for everything else on this site. Does anyone have a link to some decent directions and any other information on Webflow? I’m frustrated that they haven’t built this site out so that Google can index the site. Speechless. Thanks for the help.

Hi @Jon_Lyle

I’ll move the post to the ‘Feedback’ category as the team use that to inform the shape of the help area (aka university). I think they now have a team devoted to growing the content in this area.

My approach is searching on the Webflow university first - checking out the video - and reading the documentation beneath it. If I can’t find an answer there - over to Google - which more often than not finds a post/posts here in the forum (native search also up top there on the right).

If you can’t see an answer here in the forums - create a new post and ask away - we’ll happily point you in the right direction, and some even provide mini video demos for fellow community members.

I know you mention not having hours to figure things out - Webflow aims to be a professional but accessible tool giving the same power as coding html and css - so like learning Photoshop or Illustrator there is a learning curve which takes some investment of time. On the other hand Webflow also competes with the quick-site builders by providing free or paid templates to start from. (note: each of those can also be opened in ‘designer’ view to see how they were built)

Onto your specific query - hopefully I can help :slightly_smiling_face:

On top of the university search, there’s also a glossary link in the university area:

Developer docs at:

Since the copy/paste announcement, a number of users including myself have made some free sites with elements you can clone/copy/paste: Free Copy/Paste elements + UI kits

(look for the ‘clone’ button to add the site to your dashboard)

  • Pixellation on university search, see attached pic, is yours different? If so might be a bug/browser issue to report

Hope all that is helpful - feel free to post Qs here on the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @StuM
I’m grateful for your time on me frustration last night. I will definitely go through your provided links! :slight_smile: I “do” realize like with Photoshop, Figma, OmniGraffle, Lightroom CC yada yada yada that there is a learning curve. Everything I’ve learned since starting in marketing 20+ years ago has been learned the hard way, lol.

At any rate, first - Webflow University “search” is “not” helpful and hasn’t been helpful to me since day one. Either the searches give me convoluted info that is general in terms or it gives me what you see attached here where it is completely unreadable hence a waste of my time. Second and finally, the Webflow content is poorly SEO’d, is the only thing I can come up with because every attempt I’ve made at finding something even remotely close to a solution for the problem/hurdle I’m facing… Well… Let me overemphasize my point - all I hear/read is crickets in search queries. I’ve rarely seen anything like it with all the learning I’ve had to do utilizing Google as my source for finding information. Leads me to believe that University and the Forum for Webflow are not well SEO’d. I’d think that there is a boat load of content here so nothing else makes sense to me and its concerning.

All that said, as frustrated as I was last night I plan to give it some timed but these are two very big issues for me without proper context to what’s happening or not I guess behind the scenes. Hope this make sense. Again, thanks much for your time on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Jon_Lyle

Thanks so much for your feedback and bringing this to our attention.

We’re sorry you’re experiencing this frustrating issue while searching for educational content. We’re here to help and resolve this so you can have the best learning experience with Webflow.

Issue 1 — Pixelated search widget

Can you please provide some more details so we can pinpoint the cause of the pixelated search widget?

  1. What browser/OS are you using while searching Webflow University? Are your browser and OS up-to-date? Does the issue reoccur after you update your browser?

We haven’t seen this issue before. That’s why we need this information about your browser and OS so we can investigate the issue and resolve it.

  1. Are you experiencing the same issues while searching the University using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off?

The reason we are asking you to test in incognito mode is to see if any browser extensions are making the search widget look pixelated.

  1. Are there any red errors in the console? If yes, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to us.

This will help us identify the issue faster, and therefore resolve it faster.

Any information that you can provide, can help us resolve the issue faster.

Issue 2 — Webflow content and SEO

We do our best to ensure that our content is SEO friendly. However, if that’s not the case, we would like to resolve that issue and make sure that all our content is available via search engines. With your help, we can identify and resolve the issues that are keeping our content from appearing in search results.

So, can you please show me some examples of the terms you’re searching and the results you are getting in Google or any search engine you’re using?

If you do not wish to communicate any of the above on the forum, you can always contact us and send your info and screenshots via our contact page.

Thanks in advance for your patience, understanding, and cooperation as we, together, resolve these issues!

I’ll be standing by for more details from your end to continue investigating this issue!

Kindest regards,

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