Cloning a customized WordPress Site to Webflow

So I have a WordPress site where users are able to input in their address and locate nearby testing centers. Once the user input sends their address they’re asked a series of five questions from a standard questionnaire and they will be able to see the results of nearby testing centers based on their address. They are then given additional filter options as well based on a criteria that maybe applicable to them ranging from kind of testing center to how many miles of the search address. All the results appear on a large page which we’re using Google maps API to showcase the results since the testing centers are nationwide.

I had built this website using WordPress and when I looked into ways on how I can export it or move it over to webflow I’m unable to do that because all of the export plugins that allows me to export the site does not export out the actual search mechanism nor the page mechanism {period} is there any way I can simply clone the WordPress website along with its search abilities into webflow directly?

Nope. You would need to either leverage third party integrations or write your own code to make this in Webflow. You can export content in WP and import CSV to collection items. If you have a functional site in WP why go through the effort?

Well this is because my WP files keeps on getting infected with Malware. So I have to keep on recalling an old backup so that’s why I just needed something a bit more secure hence why I wanted to make the migration over.

So in this case I was doing some research with the webflow university tutorials and I did see that there is a tutorial on how to make a search bar but there is no reference on how do I link that search bar to search from an uploaded database and then to reflect the results on a map and then also record those searches in a table as well? Instead of custom coding. Is there any such solution? Or anything that Webflow does to make this process easier?

Make sure your plugins, your theme, and the WP core is up to date as soon as you restore. Keeping WP sites current is mandatory to stay secure. I have multiple clients on WP and have not experienced compromises because of good maintenance and solid hosting ( I manage) with web application firewalls in place.

As to search in WF, WF does not support running searches against specific collections. You can exclude collections and pages from search but search is designed as a site search feature, not an app one and just returns a list.

There are third party search services you may be able to leverage but most likely you will also need custom code. JavaScript is supported on plans that allow it.

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