Cloneable site, want to make additions to already set interactions

Hi there!

Im working on a new site, and I found this cloneable page I am planning on using this section (see screenshot) in my website (see screenshot)

I want to add a third layer to the animation, but I cant figure out how to do this.

Im not even sure where this interaction lives, because it looks like these layers dont have any interactions set on them?

Could you help me please? heres a read only link for my site

I would like the third later to go underneath the white later, thank you!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, @Tanya_Higgins! :wave:

You’re right! When you open it up and look at the structure on the right hand side you don’t see any of the interaction icons:

However, it doesn’t look like this was made with IX 2.0. If you click on Legacy Interactions in the interactions panel:

You’ll see there are a LOT of interactions here to work with!

Thank you so much!!!

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De nada! Glad to help!

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Hi! I am so thankful for your help with this yesterday.

I have been working on the animation and I absolutely love it. Im having one problem.

The animation is triggered on scroll, if I open it up with that section already scrolled to it looks PERFECT (the animation is flawless) (see screen recording here)

But if I preview the animation when im scrolled up and actually scroll down to it, the back layer glitches (see video)

Could you please help me figure out how this is happening?

Here is the link:

Here is the read only link:

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Hi, @Tanya_Higgins! Crazy day for me with a lot of driving, but I’ll be able to look at it and provide some help this evening, or tomorrow morning. Hope that’s not too late!

That is absolutely perfect thank you so much! Showing to my team tomorrow afternoon so that works well, thank you again I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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De nada! :grinning: Glad to help!

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Hi, @Tanya_Higgins! I think I have a fix here. This is a video I made. Sorry, it’s a little noisy. I wasn’t in my office I was hanging out in my living room with the fam. Lol.

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Thank you so much this was SUCH a great help! I ended up not showing my team friday as I got caught up with other deliverables but im going to make these edits today and play around with it a bit but im super excited thank you so much for your help!

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Glad I could help!! Hope the presentation to the team goes well! Site’s looking super dope!

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