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Cloneable Client Dashboard Template

Hi all! :wave:

Just posted a new cloneable project. Made it with the CMS and MemberStack :raised_hands:

You can now build out user-specific pages on your website that are only accessible to one client. Feel free to use the template as is, or change anything you like!

The entire site is built in Webflow, the charts use chart.js + some custom code, CMS is optional, and the login and signup pages are regular Webflow forms.

To get started - create a free MemberStack account, and add the URL of your new site during setup. Select “Start from Template” to load in most of the settings from

As always, MemberStack is not required to use this if you don’t need user accounts :slight_smile:Hi all! :wave:


Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to use it.

I asked this a while back in chat but am curious to see if there are any updates on it: is it possible to receive the userid from the MemberStack API? I know it was masked when I was last in chat, but the person I was speaking with (possibly you?) said that they were considering revealing the userid with the API.

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Hi Matt! Let me ask @belltyler. I believe you were speaking with him

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Hi Matt!

The user id is still not available. That being said, it’s still on the list to reveal :smile:

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Cool, no worries! Thanks for the quick response. Any (rough) timeline?

Hi Matt! I’m afraid not yet. I’ll add your name to the feature in our roadmap. We’ll notify you when it’s available :+1:

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Thank so much dear @DuncanHamra !

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The link is not opening in my PC, I have tried in other PCs too but it’s not opening can you check is it broken?

Any update on this issue?

It is still not working, please fix the link so that I can use this template