Clone not bringing all elements over


I am new to webflow and looking to clone this project in the “Made in Webflow” section. I can create the cloned but for some reason the navigation is not being copied over so I am not sure how to create it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I suspect the designer may have made changes to the site since publishing.

It does look like the elements are there, but just hidden. If you open the Navigator you can find them.

Also looks like the text for the elements comes from some code inside the page settings.

Hopefully that helps!

Thank you so much Jono! I will take further look.

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Hello again! I was able to unhide and access the custom code to unlock the elements. One thing I am stuck on is how the developer made the buttons change on clicking the navigation. Do you see how this is happening/triggering?

Thanks again, I am loving webflow!!

Hey @JuiceDM,

Sorry for the delay!

It’s possible they’ve used interactions. You can learn more about them here: Intro to Interactions | Webflow University

P.s. Glad you’re loving Webflow! :slight_smile: