Clone dynamic content from WF to non-WF site

Hi all,
I try to have a site that dynamically loads deep zoom images and other dynamic contents.

I built a WF site with multiple CMS libraries with various contents except for deep zoom images. WF doesn’t support this file format. As a workaround, I have now a non-WF site storing the deep zoom images and the js library for viewing. A dynamic link on the WF site is able to view the specified deep zoom image on the non-WF site.

Is it possible to display other dynamic contents from my WF CMS on the non-WF site?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

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You can use the IFRAME element or if on the same domain AJAX to pull content. Instead of an IFRAM you could use JQuery which has the load method, which makes it trivial to display remote content from the same domain. See .load() | jQuery API Documentation. You can code up vanilla JS alternatives as well.

Thank you Jeff.
So only iframe if they are on different domains? Andras.

Yes, and only if Webflow’s secure frame header option is off in project settings. Another more complex solution is to use a web service you build and host that can fetch and return the content you want with the right headers.

Thank you.
I Will try iframe.