Clonable Site with Many Pages

Hi Webflow Community,

I have a project in mind that requires lots and lots of pages and I’m curious if anyone would be able to create a clonable project with empty pages and no classes. If anyone could help me out, please let me know!

Thank you all! :webflow_heart:

Hey Marques,

If you were to describe a bit why you need a clonable project for this it will be easier to help. I mean creating empty pages is something that would require knowing what you need on those pages and all, there is no such thing as default page with some default content.

At the very least you may actually try creating new project using some templates (you may check them out seeing if they fit your project or not).

ps: also… THE Marquees Brownlee or just the same name? :wink:

Hey @Marques_Brownlee,

You could build one page with all the necessary components + styling and then duplicate this page until you reach the required quantity. Quicker and easier than a cloneable site.