Clonable pre-built Webflow Components site

Hi folks!

Just wanted to share this little handy site I use when I start new projects. It’s components site I’ve made with pre-built Webflow components (like navigations, dropdowns, button, etc) to speed up development of new sites.

I’ll update it once in a while when time and creativity allows.
Feel free to clone it!

Happy Weekend! :sunglasses:


Clean and nice!

It’s going to be even more useful when you copy-paste between projects :slight_smile:

Good job Steven.


Thanks mate!
Yes, this is kind of a start regarding to that. It makes developement so much faster when I start building new websites on top of this component site! Highly recommended (to either clone this or make your own template).

I have the same approach but less on components than on other things: color palettes, default styles, typography etc… I’m working on my new starter site and I will share it too.


Sweet! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Bra jobbat @StevenP!! :smiley:

Thanks alot! =)

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Hi Steven, great share!

I have a question not directly related to the topic: how do you activate the Current state on the LinkBlock (you use in vertical menu) when you have linked the LinkBlock to a section?! I have spent 3 hours trying to find it out, I’m going nuts!!

SOLVED: the section ID must be text, not numbers for the current state to work!

Thanks, Christoffer



Firstly, the “current state” don’t work unless you use the native Webflow nav widget. Once you use it, attach the Nav Link to a section or page. Once you’ve done that, the current state should appear automatically.

Can you share your site so I can take a look?

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Give me 15 minute, I will set up a demo!

Hi @StevenP

Here is the link:

I want to change the background color on the 01, 02 and 03 buttons in the top menu when the page is scrolled to the linked section… but I’m not able to get hold of the ‘current’ state!

SOLVED: the section ID must be text, not numbers for the current state to work!


See DM! :slight_smile:

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Tackar @jorn!

I’m looking forward to add to this site. Got tons of different animations I’d like to add to buttons, navs etc :slight_smile:

Been looking for hamburger and arrow animations, thanks mate!


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Great job! I’ll definitely use the hamb and arrows animations

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Thanks mate! I’m looking forward to have some time to furhter build out more components and create more hamburger/arrow animations!