Clipping issue when going from desktop to smaller breakpoints

So I’ve added clipping to my main heading on most of my pages, “Events”, “About”, in order to create a gradient across the text. It shows up and works great on the desktop version of the site. When I move to tablet and lower, I want to hide the clipping and just have the standard text color. But I’ve discovered that when I try to remove the clipping, the text is not showing up at all. I’ve tried a few things with no luck. Haven’t seen any forum post about this and my google searches haven’t either.

Hello Juicyfruit,

We are experiencing the same issue and we think it most likely is a bug. In order to hack it for the time being you can just turn off the background gradient for tablet but leave clipping to be the same as on desktop. After that just add background color for that heading, as you would add font color and it will from the styling perspective look as you want it. However this isn’t permanent solution so Webflow team might need to get involved.

Webflow Experts at Flow Ninja Support Team.

Thanks for the reply. That definitely resolves the issue. I just wasn’t sure if that was working as intended or if it was an actual issue or if I was missing something. Answers my question.

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