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Clip-path, yea or nea?

Would anyone know how to implement these super cool “shards” of red in the background? I like this way instead of a background image. Do you agree with this method?

Hi Susan,

Something like this can be done in the background. You just need to create a section and give a relative position to it, and make the shard background position:absolute so it’s a sibling of the section. You can then use the transform tools to skew the div to your liking.

(that grey text on red is a bit offensive to the eyes though!) :joy:

I’ve done a sandbox version for you to look at just as an example

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Thank you Markos! Looks like what I want to do. I see it’s a transform, that’s great we can achieve this in the designer tool. Many thanks and I’ll post the site when it’s ready.

You’re welcome, look forward to seeing it! :smiley: