Clients' editor freezing when making changes in designer mode

Hi all,

I’m having a quite serious problem with collaboration on Webflow. When I am making changes in Designer mode, my clients who are in Editor mode get a frozen editor; meaning that you can click on things but nothing happens. Then eventually they even get thrown out, with the message: “For now, the Editor is not available on this page”. (see screenshot).

I was able to replicate it with another clients website; the editor freezes when I’m in there as a guest editor on my laptop, and on my imac as site admin making changes in designer mode.

This is a big problem as we need to work simultaneously before launching the site.
I contacted webflow through the contact form but that may be a while…
Anybody has any ideas? That would be greatly appreciated!

Best, Andrea


Update: it also happens when client is in Incognito mode.