Client unable to access CMS Ediror. Blocked cookies error?!

My client is not able to access the editor through the usual path, we get the infamous

You’ve been logged out “We’re having trouble with your browser’s cookies. Make
sure your browser accepts third -party cookies.”

We have:

  • Restarted laptops
  • Checked for browser updates (Safari, Chrome & even Opera)
  • Unchecked “prevent cross-side tracking”
  • Always allowed third party cookies on all browsers
  • Sent new invitations to editors
  • Tried incognito mode
  • Tried the “forgot password” option.
  • Cleared Caches
  • Prayed and asked the spirit of Mufasa to help


It momentarily worked in Firefox but this is not their default software so it’s just unacceptable. They use Safari for all their communication / work tasks.

  • Client uses MacOS Ventura and Mojave 10.14.3.
  • Client does not use browser extensions.
  • Client recently upgraded their Macbook but it has the exact same settings as the former one.
  • Still, it doesn’t work on their former laptop.

We’d appreciate a solution for this, otherwise we might need to switch provider. :disguised_face:

I have the same problem and tried everything. This needs to be fixed might switch to framer.