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Client Ownership of account / CMS

Hi all.

I’m looking at building a site with a CMS for a Dev House, and they’d like to retain control of the site as a whole once its done. Would it be best for me to build the site in my account, and then transfer it to a webflow account that they would have to set up on their side?

Is there any other solution that I’m not aware of?

Thanks in advance

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I usually build and then create a copy which I transfer to the client.

Hi Jeff,

What if your client wants you to make an update to their website? Or you want to continuously help them make updates to their project? How do you mitigate not having to take the website down for extended periods of time but still retain being their “designer on file” perhaps?

Thinking out loud here, I’m wondering if just maintaining a copy of their project in my dashboard and continuously duplicating and transferring a copy, and then changing the one that has active hosting would be the way to do it? Not sure though.

I’d appreciate any guidance you have on this one :slight_smile:

Webflow has a team plan for that. So if the client wants to control the site, they can add a team plan, add that site to it, and invite you as a team member. Soon there may be another option that may be announced at the nocode conf coming up.

Hey Jeff, thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Thanks Guys, appreciate you responding to me

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