Client insists that I connect his domain

Client insists that I connect his domain, but I don’t know and nor does he know where he bought it from, whether it is Godaddy or something else.

The domain name is now connected to his old site, but I don’t know the steps to disconnect it from his old site and connect it to the new site I built for him in Weblfow

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Since they registered their own domain, the ball is pretty much in their own court. It’s like if someone asks you to pick up their car but can’t remember what city they parked it in.

Whois will help you figure out the registrar of record which is a good starting point. If you’re lucky the name will be identifiable and might jog their memory. From there, have them search their email history for that registrar name, and maybe the domain name.

If they use an email at their custom domain, check that email provider. E.g. if they are using google business email, then they may have purchased the domain during setup and it would be with Google domains, now owned by squarespace. I think Microsoft 365 has something similar.

Finding an email from the registrar would be best, because you’ll get the portal name and their email address that’s on the account from there they can do a password reminder or guess their login.

Worst case you might need to contact the registrar’s support department, but they do tend to be helpful in my experience when this happens.

Whois does sometimes show a registrar email, and the technical contact’s email, these might help you.

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Can you provide the domain name?