Client-editable slides with multi image field?

Hey all!

I built this website in webflow a while back:

Share link:

And now my client is asking how they can edit the slider (“our great sponsors” on the homepage) … Is there a way to give my client this power with the new multi-image field? I remember seeing somewhere that it’s only available inside of a collection page and this homepage is not a collection page, of course. Is there any way to accomplish this?

(Also, I am aware that the client can switch out images of pre-existing slides, but ultimately I want them to have the ability to add new slides and reorganize them, etc.)

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi @adiggy,

There is no way to add slides through the Editor. I would suggest showing your client how to add a slide through the Designer :slight_smile:

Arg, I thought this multi-image field update would be my savior here, but alas, not quite yet! :smiley: