Client customisable layouts

Hi. I’m yet to create my first WF project so I’m still a total newbie, so forgive me if this question is a bit dumb.

I’m an semi-experienced Wordpress dev, usually building sites with ACF Pro which enables me to hand over sites where the client can create custom page layouts in the editor using ACF flexible layout blocks that are reorder-able.

I’ve got a client who wants a site and is keen to try something other than WP, so I though this could be a good opportunity to try WF. However, the client will need to be able to customise each page as it’s a portfolio site and she doesn’t want each project to look the same.

So, finally, my question is am I able to create a site like this where the client can create a new project page and include whatever they need in whatever order they choose? I’ve tried and tried to find an answer about this but all I seem to be able to find is tutorial videos on how to create templates in the designer.

Please let me know if any of the above isn’t clear.


No, and yes.

Webflow doesn’t have a “client-mode designer” where certain simplistic layout options are available, while hardcore styling and scripting are locked down safely.

However there are two approaches you can take.

  1. Give them FULL design access. Setup their site in a Workspace that they own, and pay for, and then invite yourself as a collaborator. You’ll both have full designer access [ one at a time ], and they can do anything they want. It’s a steep learning curve, and there is huge potential for damage, but you always have Webflow’s auto-backup system to fall back on.

  2. Prepare a range of pre-designed Project layouts that you create, and let them choose which they want to use for each Project they add.

Let’s talk about #2, it’s a technique I use often.

Basically, you’d setup your project collection page with the same header and footer, and then have a center body area when you have maybe 3 or 4 variations of. Each project would specify the layout it wants to use, and the clients would have the ability to change that at any time.

I’ve just made a cloneable to demonstrate this, click the Watch Video in the top right corner of it for a discussion of how it works, and how to build it.

Thanks for the detailed response Michael, that’s very useful.

Option 1 isn’t viable for the reasons you state. Option 2 would be viable but the client’s budget isn’t going to cover the time it would take to create the multiple different layouts that they would need. Looking at their current site and how flexible the use of layout is I would say that they would need at least 8-10 layouts. Even 3 to 4 variations is going to take longer to produce that it would take to implement ACF on a WP site so I think that’s going to have to be the solution here.

You just gave me an intriguing idea. Since you use ACF quite a bit, I have a couple of questions I’d like to check, I’ll PM you with what I’m thinking if that’s ok.

Of course, fire away