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Client CMS Content Population Pricing Advice Question

Quick question. How much should I charge to add the CMS and collections into one of the Webflow free templates.

The request is coming from a person that only need a quick site for an one time yearly event.

I’ll appreciate If someone can guide me.
Thanks in advance

How much is your time worth?

I already have an hourly rate but I would like include the CMS as an add-on base on the requested requirements

Also depends on how much content. So it ends up more like “How long will it take for you to do it, and how much is your time worth, and balancing it with the budget of the client”, rather than setting a flat fee.

I can advise you to set the content population fee at US$10000, but this wouldn’t be helpful for you. You have to learn how to gauge this for yourself based on your perceived value to the client.

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