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Client billing terminated, and Hosting settings erased

I had an urgent call from a client this morning that their primary website was down.

It seems that in the process of merging with another company, they’ve switched over and canceled the old credit cards, and in the process this site ( unfortunately the most important one out of their four Webflow websites ) missed getting the card details updated. They were getting too many email notifications to keep track of which ones had be updated and which hadn’t.

I’ve mostly restored the site, and re-setup hosting under their new credit card over the phone - but I was shocked to discover that when Webflow freezes billing on a site, it deletes all of the hosting data, including-

  • the complete domain names list ( they have over 50 domains )
  • all of the redirects, which we use extensively for brochures / banners / marketing
  • SEO configurations
  • settings like the “made in Webflow” badge

I can sort out all of the domain names, but I do not have a list of the original redirects I had configured.

Is there somewhere I can get this, perhaps from a backup?

Some thoughts-

  1. Of course it makes sense to freeze the site, if Webflow cannot bill the hosting, but deleting the entire hosting configuration can be hugely difficult / impossible to repair.
  2. There’s enough hosting configuration data to worry about, that it should be included in the site backup process ( and accessible in the read-only backup view ). If it’s not, there should be another way to backup / restore the configuration data to a locally-stored XML config file.

This is a support question, and should be emailed to