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Client Billing for Mexico

hey guys, Stripe already works in México, why is not on the client billing stuff? u_u

is this the trump wall that you’re talking about? :frowning:

Hi @sanshiro I totally understand the frustration of not having the Client Billing feature available in your country. Since we use Stripe for our payment processing, you can see that Mexico is still in beta. Once it is out of beta for Stripe, we’ll begin to offer Client Billing to Mexico as well.

Hope this clears up any confusions.

:frowning: is working for me and we already can create accounts there, whats happening here?

Creating a Stripe account is different from using Stripe as a platform to connect other accounts.

:frowning: i love you guys but come on, we need méxico there

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Stripe is totally functional now, they change the status from “request an invite” to “sign up instantly”
You can not try?

@sanshiro an me we can be beta testers if you are open :call_me_hand:

Stripe launches in Mexico! @PixelGeek

XD yeah, let me be in the beta bro

any news? :cold_face: @PixelGeek

Hi there! @PixelGeek Any news about Webflow Client Billing for Mexico? It’s been a couple of months since Stripe fully supports Mexico.

Cyprus??? What happened with Mexico in this update!!!

@PixelGeek Help us!

Looking forward Mexico is next, disappointing there is no update about this.

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This is indeed ridiculous, I can’t believe Mexico is still not on the list. Anyone else that has had an experience creating an ecommerce in Webflow for a Mexican store? I am ready to create websites for my Mexican clients but still haven’t trusted Webflow for this kind of task. Damn.