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Client billing - DEBIT (not credit) card fees 0%?

Hi everyone,

I have seen similar posts (and an answer from @cyberdave) but none which completely answer this question:.

If I set up client billing (with NO extra profit) it means I won´t be charged the Webflow platform fee.

But I WILL still be charged the credit card fee (3-3.5%).

What happens if the client pays using a DEBIT CARD. Usually there is no charge across online payments using a debit card.

Is this the case with Webflow?

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Or…do any Webflow users have experience of this?

Perhaps you noticed you were not charged a 3% credit card fee, because your client paid by debit card?

It would seem odd if Webflow charged this, if there was no actual charge from the card company.

Thank you for all advice / help!

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Please contact directly with this issue. They can access account information.

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