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Client billing and profit

Those of you who uses this and also has a monthly profit set up what kind of receipt do you get fro Webflow for that transaction?

None, only geting a confirmation When the client paid the monthly fee

Tjena Janne

So when you get the your profit deposit on your bank you don’t get any receipt of that transaction? How do you handle that with you accountant?

I’m only interested in that extra profit you can set up when you charge the client extra. Webflow then deposits that in your bank account. You’ll need some kind of receipt for that.

Hej @jorn each commision transaction will show up in my account saying Wefbflowxxxxx and a amount.
I do not know wich client it relates to. Regarding book keeping that is ok. Its registred as a Webflow commision

It would be nice if the ref from Webflow was a bit clearer and inclusing site name or similair

So that extra commission you don’t have to have a invoice or receipt for that?

Nope, only a transaction in My account

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Hi @jorn I have to change my answer. Today i got a payment email from Webflow. Ir was a PDF invoice with site name and total amount charged, but no commosion.

Call me if you want to se a copy